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Minerule is a very rich kingdom because of the large mineral density it features. Minerule has two leading research companies, Pixie Industries and D-Rex Industries, which is also Minerule’s two biggest companies.
Because Minerule is so rich and has world-leading technologies, it has a modern underground System, a high-quality road system, a fast-paced railway system, and a modern Airforce, Navy, and Military.
On September 25th, 2014, King Sondrebol and Queen CandyCrystal founded Minerule. Currently, Minerule is over 5 years old.

Maps and Downloads
1.10 - Future update 1.9 - The Five Year Anniversary Update 1.8 - The Natural Update
1.7 - The Transportation Update 1.6 - The Christmas Update 1.5 - The Winter Update
1.4 - The Anniversary Update 1.3 - The Beach Update 1.2 - The Airport Update
1.1 - The Badass Update 1.0 - The Release Beta